High Above the Sky

A short animated film by Kim Noce and Shaun Clark

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And we have finished!

Just making DVDs copies, digibetas, postcard still … and soon we will send the film to festivals


Perfect day mixing in the darkness  at Art4Noise with David Pringle ( Sound Designers),  Chris White and Hutch Demouilpied (Composers) , Kim Noce & Shaun Clark (Directors at MewLab )

At the mixing desk with David, Hutch and Chris

Behind the mixing desk Kim , Shaun and Chris (photo by Hutch)


Getting closer to completion: a fantastic day editing with  Fiona De Souza

Recording the Voices

We had a lovely day with the actors Cian Waites (as Leo) and Paul Mundell (as Dad) and the sound designer David Pringle recording the voices for the animation.

Recording Sound Effects

Superb day recording Sound Effects with David Pringle and the children at SPID THEATRE. In the film all the sound effects have been created by  children. They were really eager to create  loud noises…


While the film start to shape up, our wonderful composer Chris White and Hutch Demouilpied are currently creating some fabulous music track



Compositing the Animation

Here working in AFX to composite all the shots together.

And now into Space

Animating the spaceship

Stop motion animation of the spaceship flying

Sweets ready

A bit of  green screen for the sweets and the supermarket. All the props for the supermarket  and the space were created by the  wonderful and talented youths at SPID Theatre


The Sets

After many months trapped in a dark dark dark room, we are finally getting closer to finish our commissioned short ”High Above the Sky”

They are taking over…

Half way through the constructions of the sets and we are starting to run out of space… Half of the supermarket, the bed room, the interior of the ship and still missing the moon, space and the hills…

Building the set

A dark sky, Paint, Cardboard and Coffee… it is all you need to prepare the sets

Testing Characters

We are testing shapes, clothing, colours and personalities…

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