High Above the Sky

A short animated film by Kim Noce and Shaun Clark


SICAF 2013 kim noce shaun clark mewlab

High above the Sky has been selected  to be showcased  at SICAF Special program as part of MIAF KID special during July 23- 28th 2013

 Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF), which marks its 17th anniversary this year is establishing itself as one of the leading global festivals featuring the world’s best cartoons and animation contents, extending well beyond the Republic of Korea and Asia. 
 At the time of a revolutionary paradigm shift in media platforms, the 21st century’s cultural contents industry is emerging as a changing paradigm and striving to provide world-class contents with competitiveness by breaking down boundaries among genres and transforming wide imaginations into reality. In modern society troubled by lack of communication, cartoons and animations, which can communicate with different age groups and can be freely converged with their highly extendible characteristics, are drawing attention as one of the core contents of the culture industry. 
  SICAF2013 is one of the most representative cartoon and animation festival, which endeavors to realize a cultural festival that all generations can enjoy and empathize with. Especially, SICAF, which will be held in Myeong dong and namsan this year, will become a cultural complex street festival creating a new cultural value. It will also become a venue to infuse the public with cultural imagination and to provide new inspiration and networks for experts in these fields.


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